Fieldwork in Taita Hills

The next activity in Taita Hills will take place in close collaboration with the Taita Taveta University (Prof. Hamadi Boga, Dr. Marianne Maghenda). Activities will mainly take place in the agricultural land, around the Agricultural Campus of Taita Taveta University, close to Wundanyi, but we will also collect data in the remaining forest patches and in the exotic tree plantations, during end of July and the first half of August 2018:

Monday, 30th July: Travelling
Tuesday-Wednesday, 31st July-1st August: Workshop at Taita Taveta University main campus
Thursday-Friday, 2nd August – 17th August: Fieldwork around the Agricultural Campus of Taita Taveta University in Taita Hills

We will focus on the following thematic fields:

Land tenure and land use; property rights and land management (A. Schopf, T. Bendzko & Kenyan collaborators)

Social sciences; willingness, awareness, attitudes (M. Rieckmann, M. Nzau & Kenyan collaborators)

App-based land-cover detection, hydrology on maps – mapping the land-cover and historical water sources, current and historical aerial maps, water-source rehabilitation (G. Schaab, M. Teucher & Kenyan collaborators)

Rapid Ecosystem Function Assessment – measuring pollination, seed dispersal and predation (S. Meyer & Kenyan collaborators)

Vegetation Ecology; the legacy of the cloud forests and the ecological impact of exotic species (C. Schmitt & Kenyan collaborators)

Butterfly ecology, species composition in different environments (T. Schmitt, J.C. Habel & Kenyan collaborators)

Nocturnal lepidotperans in Taita Hills (M. Ochse)

Field ornithology – movement ecology (K. Mortega, B. Apfelbeck & Kenyan collaborators)

Food webs – Interactions between small mammals and birds of prey (C. Fischer)

We would like to further take into consideration the following topics: (i) Restoration of forest patches; (ii) Improvement of agricultural regimes; (iii) Food webs. The activities will take place at the Taita Taveta University College Ngerenyi Campus close to Wundanyi.