Land tenure in semiarid Kenya

In August and September 2019, a team of four students (Anna Linda Samhammer – Environmental Engineering, Sophia Barbara Endt – Geography, Stellamaris Ogutu – Land Management and Elizabeth Wandakay – Land Management), 2 field assistants and one leading researcher (Tobias Bendzko – Lecturer at the Chair of Land Management, TUM) collected data on land tenure. The team collected more than 250 Datasets in the area of the Nzeeu River in Kitui County, Kenya. The data collection combines standardized quantitative interviews with a focus on tenure systems and land rights with a mapping exercise of the individual owned land of local farmers.  In the upcoming weeks the collected data will be analysed and processed in order to get results on questions of sustainable landuse, impacts of local large scale road construction on perceived tenure security, water scarcity and encroaching on protected river banks and its ecological effects towards nature. In order to receive a more holistic picture several expert interviews took place including farmers associations, chiefs and offices of agricultural ministries and the road authority (KENHA). Results are expected within the next months when all four students are finishing their theses and proceed to their next academic degree.