Results 2017

In the following we present a selection of articles written by Kenyan and German scientists and students (including media press), and provide slides of some of the given presentations.

Research contributions

Habel JC, Casanova ICC, Zamora C, Teucher M, Hornetz B, Shauri H, Mulwa RK, Lens L (2017) East African coastal forest under pressure. Biodiversity and Conservation.

Habel JC, Lens L, Eggermont H, Githiru M, Mulwa RK, Shauri HS, Lewinsohn TM, Weisser WW, Schmitt T (2017) More topics from the tropics: Additional thoughts to Mammides et al. Biodiversity and Conservation.

Hülsemann E (2017) An empirical study about the environmental awareness of the citizens around the Arabuko Forest in kenya. Bachelor thesis (Summary)

Weißhaupt J (2017) Value based nature conservation. Bachelor thesis (Summary)

Presentations held at Pwani University during our workshop


Working packages

Canopy research

Presentations held at Yamii Villas by students during the last evening (preliminary results)


Data sets (GIS files)


Scanned reports (PDFs)


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