Social science meets land tenure

During the first data collection campaign in the Taita Hills region the social science group, land tenure group, and land cover change analyses found that many people (at least some of the family members) were out-migrating into neighbouring cities, such as Voi and Mombasa to earn money there. This might create a decoupling between people and their original environment. This situation becomes underpinned by the fact that, according to our land cover change analyses, major proportion of land (about 20%) today exist as fallow land. Our expectation is, that this disconnect might lead to rather unsustainable behaviour towards the use of resources of Taita Hills (e.g. ongoing deforestation of the cloud forest) as: people shifting their main place of residence beyond, might show reduced responsibility towards the environment and towards unique ecosystems. Muthio Nzau collected and accomplished the social science / land tenure data together with Ruth Lozi Muranga during January-March 2020.